Monday, March 26, 2007

first date

I'm posting just a bit of what I wrote and posted to my blog: smatterings. If you are interested in the whole story, just pop on over. This is the first fiber I've spun on my new Turkish style spindle. I wanted to start with something special. Wanda mentioned she likes to use a heavier spindle with silk, so I made it my "first date".

From 0.388 oz. of silk roving, I spun and plied a totoal of 58 yds. of 2 ply. I used the Osage Orange Turkish spindle, wt. 2.1 oz. shown below.

I have the remainder of the ounce of silk left to spin. Because it ran so very much when I soaked it, and I did not get it to clear, I don't know if I will continue to spin the rest. I wouldn't be able to match the color because of the amount of bleed. I may try to set the unspun fiber and use it to blend with something else.

I went on to other spinning, a 60% cormo 40% alpaca blend.


natalie said...

Shame about the bleeding, it's a lovely colour... my husband said Oooh ... intestines! Men!
What is cormo? I haven't heard of it before.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh that is a lovely colour, shame that it bleeds. Please can you tell me also what is Cormo, is it a breed of sheep ?