Thursday, March 22, 2007

New beginnings

It seems very appropriate that the Weekend Whirls has begun on the first day of
Spring, a time of plans for the season, and growth.
I started spinning around 18 months ago, went on a two hour spindling workshop for fun, and discovered a whole new world. I only have one spindle, an Ashford basic top whorl (or should it be whirl?).

And then of course, I had to have a wheel....
Much test-driving later, I decided that what I loved was the louet range, I confess this was as much for the simple uncluttered look as for the way it actually felt. BUT I was also aware that this would gobble up all the roving budget, so I chose the next best thing, an Ashford Kiwi, and gave it a custom paint job!

The roving on the spindle was a multicoloured pencil roving, and I had LOADS of it, so it transferred nicely to the wheel, and then I plyed it on itself.... and got MUD.
I dug out some vintage 3ply sock weight yarn given to me as part of a job-lot of knitting needles and patterns by an elderly lady via Freecycle. She could no longer see to knit so finely, but was pleased her yarns and pins were going to a good home... and plyed it with that, and...

... I was hooked!
Thank you so much to Wanda for setting this up, I've got a bit preoccupied with other things recently and I hope this will bring me back to spinning. No matter how stressful the day is, you just can't be cross when you spin, it won't let you!


Marianne said...

I think that's beautiful yarn!

Jo said...

I live with the you can't spin ugly yarn philosophy as I havent seen any yet! I love the custom paint job on the kiwi, it fantastic, I have an ashford joy and a traditional, much as I've fallen for joy I would like to make her my own somehow!