Friday, March 30, 2007

Spinning Chocolate

Thanks to Cyndy of Riverrim for making the button with the blue and white yarn filled bobbin. You may choose to use that one or the red one. We may eventually have another button, or two for people to use.

You do not need to post every week to participate. Nor do you have to spin on the weekend, any time is good. If you spin you're welcome to join this blog and post about what you're doing. (see sidebar for email link)

Remember the Corriedal Roving -- colorway Chocolate Bar -- that I start spinning last Saturday? There is now 1.4 oz spun onto the spindle. My goal is to spin 1.8 ounces for this ball then spin another 1.8 oz ball and ply from the two balls. The Turkish spindle I'm using weighs 2.4oz. I decided to spin over 3.5 ounces so there will be enough for a pair of socks.

I've been taking the spindle to school every day to hand out lunches during the Spring break (more about that on my Fiberjoy blog). One of the other women who was helping called it a turtle. A rather apt description. I think this yarn make some great looking socks.

I'm with Rhonna on wondering how seasoned spinners are able to manipulate colors the way they envision. The merino/tencel is muddier than I'd wanted because of the colors merging, which only got worse when they were plyed. Any of you who's figured out the method, please let us know what works for you.


Artis-Anne said...

She is right it does look like a turtle which reminds me of the lovely Dr Seuss book that my children would recite word for word :)
I am still spinning my boring white mix but going to my daughters tomorrow for a few days, so catch you later , Hope you are having a lovely weekend

janine said...

oooh so that's what the colourway looks like in real life. I'm spining the tourmaline one at the moment - perfect for learning on my Ashford Traveller. I will have to get some more when finances allow:-)