Sunday, April 1, 2007

the cormo/ alpaca

I asked, on my blog smatterings, how much, in weight, had spindlers spun on the their spindles at one time. (say that again three times quickly). Was I was pleasantly surprised! One person tells of having spun 2 oz on his Golding spindle. Amazing. Every now and again, as I spun the cormo / alpaca, I'd stop and weigh it. Finally impatience got the best of me. I took my "yarn muffin" off the spindle and plied it up. When I put it on the scale, there was only 18.5 grams (.64 oz). It looked and felt like so much more. I'll post pictures of it over at smatterings. There is a very nice skein of 80 yd. My math tells me that at that rate I'll get about 130 yd. /oz. Not bad. Next round has begun.

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Fiberjoy said...

By the time 1.5oz was spun the combined weight of yarn and spindle was 4.1 oz which was proving too much for the finer single. I haven't had time to ply it yet, and I'm not sure yet which method to ply: from the center pull, or wait until the second ball is spun then ply the two balls into one.