Saturday, April 7, 2007

re: spindle advice

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I thought I would comment to Em's question in a post.The question of a favorite spindle is difficult for me to answer. It is akin to that question about picking a favorite color....or like comparing apples and oranges. If I had to choose (favorite to spin with) which one to take to a desert island, I'd probably take my small top whorl..and wind up making others! Have you ever tried spinning on the old "apple and a pencil" spindle?

My spindle collection is always at an ebb and flow. I never seem to keep all of the brands of spindles that I have acquired, some of them just pass through my hands. I love to give them away to the people I have taught. I do keep a few favorites, ones that are made by people I know, or ones that I think I need to keep so that I can eventually give them to the right person.

Spindles are like people, don't you think?? Unique in size, shape and weight, and their preferences...each one to be appreciated for their own individuality. Some fibers are easier to spin on some spindles than others. Usually, if I think about it, I can match up the right spindle with the right fiber, and sometimes, the right spindle with the right person.

From right to left:

Infamous CD spindle

Hand made clay whorl with "faster faster" inscribed in runic.

Old Ashford Beginners

Hand turned top whorl

Hand made Turkish


Artis-Anne said...

What a lovely collection. I am just beginning to learn that some spindles are better for some yarns than others

Em said...

Thanks so much for your pictorial answer! I figured that the answer to my question really was a "no right answer" situation, but it's nice to see what other folks are actually using for themselves. I also suspect that I will end up with a collection of my own, given time...