Saturday, April 21, 2007

sampling the fleece

With perfect drying weather here, it was time to wash the samples of Border Leicester that I will spin for a guild project. I use mesh bags to control the fleece while washing. Because there was such a small amount, I washed and rinsed it in my kitchen sink. The same bags work in my washer when I have lots to process.

It was a perfect day to spread it out on racks in the sun.

That is another of my favorite spindles. It is a Forrester Safari. It was a perfect choice for sampling the carded fiber. I have this posted with a bit more detail on my blog: smatterings.

1 comment:

cyndy said...

I like how the black and white of the fleece drying on the racks resembles the spots on the Forrester Safari...

will be watching to see how this project develops!