Sunday, May 6, 2007

First Artificail Fiber

I've finished plying my Blue Faced Leicester on May 3. Yarn thickness isn't even at all, but the last skein I plied didn't twist when I took it from Niddy and hanged it.

Then, I started spinning Merino/Tencel 50/50 purchased from Crown mountain Farms.

Merino/Tencel 50/50

I've never seen any kinds of synthetic fiber at the fiber shops near by. I've just wanted to give it a try and bought some online.
At first, I tried to spin fine single to be Navaho plied, but the yarn got thicker than I thought. Still I went for Navaho plying a bit and well, it seems OK.

And following picture is the new lunchtime project, indigo dyed Shetland bought at last year's Tokyo Spinning Party. I've never spun Shetland before and I'm really looking forward to spin it.

Shetland Indigo Dyed

Before spinning, I have to decide what I should do with the handspun yarn. Well.....


Artis-Anne said...

I saw someone at our last Guild meeting spin tencel and it sure felt soft. Ah now Shetland I LOVE and I get my fleece from another of our guild memebers who has a flock in all shades , really gorgeous fleece. Have fun :)

Garyo said...

Now I LOVE Shetland, too! I'm sure natural (undyed) shades are so gorgeous.