Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hello from Norway

Hi everyone.

I have join The Weekend Whirls, found the blog at Rhonna's blog and just had to sign up :o)

I am spinning mostly on my Little Gem II, but have a lot of different drop spindles. Mostly of them are from Sheila (Bosworth) and I have just orded some more, lol.

Here is my latest yarn, it is 50% Collie (dog) and 50% Gotland. I am holding on knitting socks of the yarn.

After reading about Rhonna's Navaho plying ore Chain plying like it is also called, I had to try. This is the first skein, the grey is Gotland and the second I Navaho plyed is merino&silk. I got the hang on the plying method, but think I will further do the regular plying.

I read Rhonna's posting about the best way to measure the yarn, I am going to buy the Yarn Meter that Knitpicks are selling.


Donna B said...

Hi, Heidi Kim!

Dog hair was the first thing I spun as a teenager...didn't even have a spindle and I don't remember how I did it....somehow used a knitting needle as a sort of twisty-stick, I think. Yours looks much nicer than mine did though! :-)

Heidi Kim said...

Hi Donna.

Thank you for the nice comment on my yarn, dog hair is like sheep wool very different. Collie is very easy to spin with, I have some Bearded Collie also but that is more difficult to spin alone, think I need to blend it with some sheep wool.
But I like to spin wool from dog, the yarn are getting very soft.