Monday, May 28, 2007

Rainy weekends make great spinning days !!

Well I have actually been spinning this weekend and will definitely be next weekend also, as our guild are doing a demo at C.A.T's ,'Centre for Alternative Technology' which is near us . (for link check my blog)
I had to get what I was spinning on my wheel finished in time for next weekend when I will most probably take a few varieties of fleece with me, so need as many free bobbins as I can get.
So this is the dyed Cotswold fleece that was ancient (1972) and I only dyed it for the curly locks which I needed for my weaving. I so wish I had given it more respect as after washing it is now so soft and has a lovely halo to it . But a lot of it was cotted so a lot of wastage. I will try and rescue some more of what I have left undyed .

Then I decided to dye some Bluefaced Leicester rovings to take with us on our trip to Scotland so here they are drying in front of the fire like a coiled serpent ready to spring into action.


Fiberjoy said...

What a great way to dry dyed wool! Just as long as one knows it's there before journeying past in the dark of the night and is scared silly.

Heidi Kim said...

That BFL looks beatiful, what dyes have you used? It remember me to the rovings I dyed with Wilton's Delpinium blue.
They way you put up the rovings to dye, is so funny and looks like a good way to dry the wool.

cyndy said...

Wow! STRIKING! (heh heh..little cobra pun there...), cannot wait to see what it looks like when it becomes yarn!

Artis-Anne said...

I used acid dyes on this and now its dry the gloss of the BFL has come back and I have had a wee spin this afternnon as I couldn't wait !! It does make it more interesting to spin colour than miles of white at times :)