Sunday, May 27, 2007

Washing Gotland

It was a perfect day to wash fleece on Saturday. The sun was shiny and the wind was crisp.
This was my second time scouring fleece.


I have to do something before I spin it. I test spinned a bit and found out that the fiber is too short and too fine. It is difficult to hand-card this fiber. It is so fine that teeth of my handcarder don't catch it very well. And it is difficult to spin because it is too short.

I've already washed and spinned some Gotland. I bought them at the same time. And I had no troubles like these with the former fiber.

Now I have some plans. Forget about handcarding and just use flick carder or something, mix with other longer fiber, or forget about spinning and just felt it.


cyndy said...

I've never had the pleasure to spin Gotland-- but isn't it funny how the fiber from one sheep can be so different from another (even when they are the same breed).

I think plans are good (there is no bad wool- just different wool for different projects!)

Artis-Anne said...

We ( DH is spinning it ) have some Gotland rovings but I have never tried spinning the fleece but I can empathize with you as I have just bought some alpaca which one the top of the bag looked great but the rest is way too short so I am a tad annoyed and have been thinking along the same lines and may possibly felt it !!!