Thursday, June 28, 2007

My bosworth spindle and the yarn

I finally got me a good spindle! It's a Bosworth midi and I love it. The wool is BFL from lauriegator on Etsy. I'm spinning it quite fine. Don't know the WPi yet. But I have a question, After a while I had trouble getting the yarn as thin as I wanted. Could this be because the spindle was getting heavier? Or was I just too tired? After I skeind the yarn and startet to spin on an empty spindle I got the thin yarn again... Advice appreciated... Sorry for the lousy picture, will wait til morning next time....
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Fiberjoy said...

It's looking very pretty. Don't you love spinning BFL!

As for spinning a consistent fineness there are others better qualified to answer for I don't have any experience with a top-whorl.

In spinning with the low-whorl spindles I have an easier time spinning fine when the spindle weighs at least 1.8oz. The upper limit for me is when the combined weight of spindle and yarn reaches more than 3.5 oz.

So it could be weight or fatigue. As you spin with your spindle you'll learn how much weight you can spin before it affects your control of the yarn.

cyndy said...

This is a very good question Lilleduck--and I've been watching the comments to see what suggestions might pop up.

I've not had much experience with the spindle, but it would seem to me that the thin factor would depend on the drafting that you are maybe it is related to fatigue-- in that you aren't having as much control of the drafting as you do when you first start out?

ps..the photo is fine! I love the BFL colors..very dramatic against the dark!

Margaret said...

I don't have an answer either, though your idea about the weight makes sense to me. Don't you love spinning with BFL!

Lilleduck said...

Thanks for the answers. Yes I do love spinning BFL fibre. It's the best so far. I'm so looking forward to completing this yarn! The inconcistency is probably mostly fatigue mixed with a good dose of inexpirience and little weight. I get tired soon as it still is a new thing to my muscles. But I love the spindle and the spinning.