Friday, June 8, 2007

Poppies Revisited

Oops! I forgot I'd started to spin some of my Spunky Eclectic "Poppies" roving on a drop spindle last year.

In the pink

I found it in a small bag at the bottom of my fiber basket, hiding underneath some natural-dyed Romney. I finished what was attached to the spindle, then divided the rest of the roving in two, and joined it to the ends of the two bobbins of "Poppies" that I'd been spinning on my Lendrum.

There was a small skeinlet of spindle-spun in the bag, too, which I remember making late last summer. It will be very interesting to ply up what's on the spindle now and compare the yarns. We'll see if I've improved at all!


cyndy said...

I love those kind of surprises!

It is a bit like finding $$ in the pocket of jacket that has not been worn for a few months!

Always fun to "see" and compare the differences that time allows us to achieve...and the "poppies" are such a pretty color...

Jackie said...

Thats a beautiful colour!

I shall go look in my wardrobe and see if the yarn fairies have left me anything....