Sunday, June 3, 2007

simple samples

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Recently, I spent an afternoon dyeing some kid mohair locks, and have had a chance to spin up a few samples. I am trying to decide if I want to blend the mohair with wool, or use it alone. My samples are of a blend of Finnsheep and the mohair. I spun them and then plied them off the tip of my Nostepinne. Diane Mulholland explains how to do this here.

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I was disappointed with the color of the resulting samples. If this is representative of the overall yarn, I had expected more of the blue green tones. My plan was to use the finished product as sock yarn, so I may go ahead and spin it 100% mohair. Has anyone ever made mohair socks? I am wondering about the durability of them. There is no doubt that they would be soft and comfy :-).

So, its back to spinning up more samples...and maybe even dyeing more wool!


Amanda1 said...

Wow, it definitely looks darker once spun up!

Fiberjoy said...

Strange to see how dark grey the yarn is considering how blue the wool was.

Thanks for the link to the nostepinne plying. It's basically like using the felted ball but makes more sense.

Margaret said...

The finished color is very nice, even if not what you were expecting. Quite a difference in the color from the locks, but spinning seems to intensify some shades and mute others. Thanks for the link. I've tried plying a sample from a nostepinde but must not have wound it on evenly enough as I got tangles. I'll have to give it another try.

Probably Jane said...

This is a fascinating entry. The mohair gives the yarn a lovely lustre. Does anyone have any good reference resources about colour and spinning? I have heard from various sources that colour theory works differently for the fibre arts than other media.

Beginner spinner I may be but I do know a bit about sock knitting. I know there are some lovely commercial brands such as Mountain Colors Bearfoot and Apple Pie by Apple Laine that put mohair in the blend but I would say that a 100% mohair sock would lack the cushioning and elasticity of a wool sock and would therefore advise at least some wool in the fibre.

cyndy said...

Thanks Jane, those are good points to consider (esp. elasticity) I guess I will dye more wool....or plan a different project ;-)

The only other item I have made with mohair is a woven shawl, and that was from a blend...when I consider the drape of the shawl- it is clear that the mohair doesn't have much memory.....

Artis-Anne said...

Great dyeing there :) I have never used 100% mohair for socks , they would be soft but as you say may not wear as well . I am finding this true with some of the bought merino sock yarns I have knitted up.
I like the idea of a shawl with it OMG I have shawls on the brain at the moment !!