Saturday, June 9, 2007

Skein of blue merle collie

From a friend at work, I am spinning up some of the collie wool she has brush of here dogs. This skein is from blue merle collie, to bad that it is not to me :o)


Fiberjoy said...

Did you combine it with anything else, such as wool? How was spinning dog hair?

Heidi Kim said...

Hi Fiberjoy.

I have just tried spinning with Collie wool and that was no any problem. The yarn is pure collie, becauce the owner wamt it so. Bit more experience spinners of dog wwool, recomend to blend with other wool.

Ialso have some dog wwol from Bearded Collie, but that is shorter in the fiber, So i am goig to blend it with either merino ore alpaca.