Thursday, July 5, 2007

Merino Project

I'm a bit shocked that it's been so long since I've posted! I started spinning this multicolored merino from Arianie around a month ago. The pattern calls for 1190 yards in DK. The most I've spun for one project is 300 yards so the prospects of spinning 2400 yards of singles was daunting at first.

My natural inclination is to spin fine so spinning the first ounce in a DK was a real challenge but by the third ounce it's looking more even. By spinning and plying an ounce then making one strip it's broken down into managable chunks. It only takes an hour to work up a strip.

What am I making?


Margaret said...

Wow, the colors really show up better in the close-up and are very pretty. Hmmm, is it a shawl?

cyndy said...

That is really a nice combination of colors...great looking skein!

the close-up almost looks like there could be some knot work involved, it does not look to me like it is crochet or knit...I give up! Do tell!!

judy said...

I have no idea, but what an interesting fabric it makes. Tell!