Saturday, July 7, 2007

A roving we shall go...

I started spinning this up today. It's organic 100% merino pencil roving.
It spins beautifully, very soft and easy to use.
I'm spinning it worsted and mixing with a couple of solids as well.
The comments about the Louet Victoria were interesting. I'm a Kiwi user at the moment, but I have a hankering after an S45... I'm seduced by its looks.
Has anyone got one? I'm not a hugely experienced spinner, but I just have the urge to buy a wheel that is a bit less basic. I got the Kiwi when I first started and largely chose it on the basis that if I didn't spin very often then it was the perfect wheel, easy to use, undemanding and inexpensive.
It's hard to get the range of wheels you have in the USA here in the UK, so we are limited to Ashford, Majacraft and Louet really. I'm not a "twiddly-bit" person, I like simple shapes, so the louet appeals. Even the Majacraft wheels are a bit twee for my taste, and since it would live in my open plan "space" it needs to look good. I don't plan to take it anywhere so the foldability thing isn't that important, I can take the Kiwi to my Guild... or just use a spindle.
I am in awe of people like Margaret who can describe the number of twists per inch... maybe one day!


Manise said...

Lovely pencil roving. The colors are beautiful. I am currnently using an Ashford Traditional single treadle and have never used a Louet or a Majacraft, so I can't comment on or advise you. Good luck.

cyndy said...

That pencil roving spins up nice!
I keep reading about it, but have yet to try any make it sound (and look) wonderful!

And I too, am using an Ashford Traditional help here!

natalie said...

It's very easy to use, and a good choice I think for someone who doesn't want to end up with a huge stash of fibre with no real project in mind. We all like to dabble and collect 20g of this and 50g of that just to try them out, but you can end up with the fibrey equivalent of a larder full of ingredients and nothing to actually make dinner with!
100g is enough for mittens or a hat, so it's a project sized option. I love spinning with it, it's not a struggle and there's no carding and preparation, just unwind the skein and get some yarn on the bobbin !

Artis-Anne said...

Great coloured roving . I have an Ashford Traveller which I love but I am considering changing it for something more portable and I have tried the Majacraft which I thought was flimsy for the price and the Louet Victoria which again I don't think is for me. Although bigger,I still love the Lendrum which has clean lines , very similar to the Louet . P&M Woolcraft sell these . I am in no hurry though as I would have to sell my Ashford to buy another wheel

plumbum said...

What luscious colours. Really scrummy.

I'm with you on the twiddly bits. I'd like a Schacht Matchless (yeah, in my dreams!) I think that they are stunning in their simplicity.