Friday, July 13, 2007

Spinning Blunders or SPINNERS S.O.S.

Okay everyone, I'm spinning up some absolutely gorgeous roving from Poppy Flower Fibers, I love the color of the domestic wool roving: Kaleidoscope, I believe, but I've got a major problem. where the heck is it? I snapped off the roving while spinning, and now I can't find an end to latch it onto!

So far, I've tried scotch tape and using an old tooth brush to try to tease the end up. Nothing has worked. I've even tried using a DPN to try to pull up the snapped off end, no luck.

Do I just cut up and throw away the wool that I've worked so hard to spin? I've got a really small amount to finish spinning onto the bobbin... Almost done, dag nabbit! *sigh*

Help. Please. I plan to spin up another bobbin today while I decide what I'm going to do with this first one. Everytime I look at it, I want to scream, LOL!

Thanks for any and all help in advance.

Oops, I guess I should introduce myself too. My name's A
nna of Anna's Yarn Mansion. I took my first spinning class mid-month last month, and I've been the proud owner of an Ashford Joy for about a week now. Great to meet you all and see all the fantastic rovings that you've been spinning up! :-)



Heidi Kim said...

Hi Anna.

Beautiful colors in you roving :o) About you problem, this has happen with me to when the yarn suddenly snap and I can't find it again. I have tried to way, the one is to take the bobbin of the spinning wheel and use a needle to pick in the part of the bobbin where I new it must be. Sometimes I have found it, but if not. I just pick up the yarn tread in the same area and cut it it two and just continue to spin from there.
You will loose some yarn, but not so much and when you begin to ply you will find again both end. Ten just take the "old" tread up and continue plying.

Hope you understand what I mean, explaining in english are not one of my strongest side :o)

Manise said...

Great colors and very frustrating indeed! I would start a new bobbin with the remaining roving- save aside what you would have spun onto the first one. My thinking is that the twist will relax a bit if left on the bobbin making the finding/ teasing up of the end of it a little easier. As a brand new spinner your singles are wonderful!

Fiberjoy said...

Hi Anna. Welcome! The yarn is very pretty. Did you find a solution to the problem? Heidi Kim's suggestion makes good sense.

cyndy said...

I hate it when that happens ;-(

I do what Heidi Kim does.

plumbum said...

It's really aggravating when that happens. And it seems to happen so often, to me. Luckily I've eventually found the end each time.

I just wanted to say how much I like your photographs, especially the one of the bobbin and roving.

anna said...

Thanks SO MUCH for your comments ladies. I ended up "accidently" snapping off an end while I was looking for the end and just spun it only that. I spun up another bobbin with no problems, so I hope to have at least one hank/bobbin of usable yarn, LOL I go to my class on Navajo plying on Monday evening, so we'll see! I'll be sure to update on my progress then! :-D

June said...

I hope you found your end, but if not, have you tried tape? Mark your spot with a pin, and then slowly rotate with good sticky tape (if the tape gets dull, get another piece :) - it should pull up! At least I hope!