Sunday, March 25, 2007

Chocolate Bar

The Merino/tencel blend was a challenge to ply. Since this is for weaving it was spun with a tight twist which tended to snarl and snag. Plying was finished by late afternoon Friday and the yarn placed on the yarn swift for skeining to set the twist. Usually I just take the plyed ball of yarn and place it directly into the water then unwind it on my warping board but I didn't want a repeat of the earlier hassles of the center pull snarls.
Saturday morning the skein dried and ready for the weaving project.
The stats:
1 ounce
16 wraps/inch
118 yards
I was very disappointed with the yardage and will remeasure on the warping board since to be sure my calculations with the swift are correct. It went with me to yesterday's spinning at The Purl District, my LYS where everyone fondled it and pronounced it good. There were only two of us spinners the others are knitters and crocheters. I'll accept accolades from anyone. :-)

This is what I spun while at The Purl District:Corriedale Pencil Roving from Crown Mountain Farms
Colorway: Chocolate Bar (who can resist such a name!)
There is about .5 ounce on the Pink Ivory spindle. The plan is to spin 3 ounces for a pair of socks. More spinning this afternoon.


cyndy said...

That Merino/tencel blend is so beautiful...who would think a blend that looks so pretty --would behave so mischievously? Oh well, some trouble makers are worth the effort...

Jo said...

I've just been looking at merino tencel to purchase for my fibre stash, the colour and shine is really lovely, and the chocolate bar looks great too!

jj said...

Tencel has wonderful drape and shine. Its worth the trouble.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh it does look wonderful and has a sheen to it. I'll have to look and see if I can get hold of that blend