Sunday, March 25, 2007

gardening or spinning?

This is pretty much the same post that I have over at the riverrim, so if you have already seen that one, you know what I have been busy with!

Thanks Wanda, for your kind invite to join the group of weekend spinners. My weekends are usually very busy days, and with the nicer weather coming along, I will most certainly be out in the garden, but one always finds a little time for spinning ...something! This weekend found me spinning at the Great Wheel....

I have finished spinning all that I had carded up of the finnsheep/angora blend. I am spinning a cop of the blend, and then spinning a cop of finnsheep, and have been plying them together.

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I also made myself a lazy kate for plying the cops. I was having trouble with them when I turned them on their sides, so I have fashioned a method where I can stand them up. It is working a little bit better, but I still need to make some modifications to improve the design. The cops don't spin freely, and I think they need a disk to ride on, so I will cut them from the plastic cutting boards, and see if that makes a difference. Currently, I slip the cop off of the spindle and directly onto the double point needle, which rides in the lazy kate.

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So far, I have a total of 240 yards of the blend. I'm still uncertain about what I will use it for, but one thing I do know is that I am keeping this for myself. If I get enough, I may decide to knit a sweater/jacket.


Fiberjoy said...

Gardening in the early hours, spinning in the evenings. :-)

The angora/finnsheep yarn is lovely. I vote a cuddly sweater.

Jo said...

I look forward to hearing more about your great wheel, I checked your blog and read the 3 posts mentioning it, but even if you havent any weekend whirling to show us I know I'd love to hear more about the great wheel and see some more photos of it.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh that looks lovely and I bet its soft also. I'm with Jo a sweater or jacket would be lovely