Friday, April 27, 2007

Another new spinner, yeah, I’m hooked

Sedalia2007 Fiber Kid Hollow
Kid Hollow BFL/mohair, yum

Hi All, I’ve been lurking for a few weeks, but finally wanted to say Hello, introduce myself, and maybe ask a newbie question or two.

I’m Margaret, in Charlottesville, VA, a knitter who’s been corrupted by the infectious good attitude of the knitting/spinning bloggers, particularly Margene. I was secretly hoping I would hate spinning as my stash is already unmanageable, but, no such luck.

I stopped at Holly Spring Homespun near Richmond on a wild hair for a drop spindle lesson March 7. Yes, this March. Y’all will be so proud of me, not even two months and I have three drop spindles, a wheel, and several pounds of fiber.

Rather than re-post, I’ll invite you over to my blog to see some drop spindling efforts, Fiber!, my brand new Louet Victoria, and my progress with her so far.

My question, since I’ve taught myself to chain (Navajo) ply, is about the size of the loops. How big should they be? Does it matter as long as you are consistent?

Thanks for the inspiration!


sopranospinner said...

No, it doesn't matter how big the loops are, although your reach might limit them to a yard or so. Usually people try to have the loops go to the end of the color block so the colors stay separate. Have fun!

Rhonna said...

Wow, Margaret, you're doing great! And I'm laughing . . . You're not alone. I had my first spindle results in January and now have 3 spindles with 2 more on the way; a Majacraft Rose with a lazy kate, extra bobbins, and a plying flyer & bobbins; an 1880s spinning wheel in trust; about 30 pounds of fiber, although in different locations; four pounds of dyes; a dedicated microwave for dyeing (needed to buy a new one anyway); and a carder shortly to be enroute.

Spinners tell you that spindles are addictive, but they don't say anything about the *speed* of the addiction, or that it's not limited to spindles! Sheesh! :-)

cindy said...

Welcome to the spinning addiction club!!! I love your Wisteria shawl!!

cyndy said...

Welcome Margaret!
That BFL/mohair blend IS yummy!

Your enthusiasm is great--
you are hooked alright!

Fiberjoy said...

LOL. I wasn't going to learn to spin either! Now it tops knitting and crocheting. I'm looking forward to seeing that Kid Hollow spun.

Em said...

The addiction really hits fast, doesn't it! Even on my budget, I've cobbled together about 6 drop-spindles, one navaho thigh-spindle, a bead-whorl support spindle, and managed to have a wheel drop into my lap on loan for 2-3 months! it just sort-of comes to you, doesn't it? I'm glad I'm not the only "newbie' who's gone spin-mad :) Have fun!

Artis-Anne said...

LOL yes spinning is just so addictive isn't it ? I love your shawl