Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blog Information/Question, and Project Finished!

A big welcome to the new posters! It's fun to see all the different yarns being spun, and I love reading how others are spinning. As a relatively new spinner who's only used spindles I have tons to learn.

A couple bits of info:
1)Please check your posts for comments others have left. I can't figure out how to make them go directly to the poster. Also, to see the commentor's blog you need to click on the name in the sidebar links.

2)I am seriously wondering if we should move this blog over to WordPress or LiveJouranal. Both of those blog servers allow more interactive commenting which I think would be very helpful. Please email me (wjjenkins1ATyahooDOTcom) and let me know you're thoughts on migrating en mass, and your preferences, and/or experiences with either.

Life's been very busy these past two weeks. Remember the book bag I was spinning lofty singles for?

After the first five inches I started spinning a bit tighter getting 46 yds from an ounce. Knitting the final few inches the realization set in that the last ounce wouldn't be enough to make a 36" strap so I respun it to 56yds, and decreased from 10mm to 9mm needles. Dear Ed came to my rescue when I desperately asked him to make me a set of 9mm 24"L circular needles first thing Thursday morning: The bag had to be finished by Friday morning.
AD: Do you want some quality circular needles? Sharp tips perfect for lace work, exotic hard woods - $32. He's now making some smaller sizes, maybe going as small as 5mm. Send me an email if interested.)

After pummelling the fibers in hot sudsy water, the felted bag was not at all what I'd set out to make, but clever friends at the YS Friday morning had a great suggestion when they saw the felted bag: Buttons!

Daughter Aurora, showed the bag to the classmate who asked me to make one for her. I stressed that she didn't have to buy it since it turned out so different than Aurora's bag. Cheers!!! She loves it, and even offered to pay more than my asking price! :-) My first spun/knitted/felted sale.


Julie said...

Oo, your lofty singles are just gorgeous. I haven't yet progressed to being able to spin a particular weight intentionally just yet. I'm sure it'll come with regular practice.

Jo said...

Its a beautiful bag, of course she would have snapped it up, I would have done Wanda!

elizabeth said...

That is really pretty, I love the colors!

Carol said...

That's an awesome bag and you deserve every penny! Wonderful button - it really sets it off.

Madame Purl said...

Gorgeous bag.

cyndy said...

ahhhh! lovely!!! You do put the joy into the fiber Wanda! It shows!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh wowee great bag Wanda :)I bet she was so very pleased with it