Monday, April 30, 2007

Off to a good start

So far so good. I got out the wheel again yesterday and went for a 2-ply of the alpaca/silk singles I had. The skein is 270 yards and 6 3/4 ounces. I forgot to measure the WPI but it looks to be about a DK weight. I can tell it's been too long since I had the wheel out as it's not terribly consistent but it's beatifully soft so I think it would make a great scarf or hat. It's very nearly black so the photo of the whole skein is closer to the true color.

Saturday some friends and I made it down to the Connecticut Sheep and Wool festival which is a tiny wee one with four buildings full of vendors and 5 or 6 ones outside in tents. I picked up some silk hankies (that I have no clue what to do with but they were cheap so why not?) and a 2 1/2 pound fiber bump that'll be my summer spinning.

And now I have a question about photo etiquette for this blog. I have no clue how much storage these blogs have so I'm not sure if it's better to refer to posts on my own blog and keep it to one or two here or if it's okay to post more here. As you can see, for this post I opted for the conservative route.


Rhonna said...

Julia, I own my own domain and have my own blog on dreamhost (paid hosting service), but I typically put my photos on Flickr rather than on my server space. Flickr has a free subscription and while there are some limitations, it is still an excellent alternative to worrying about taking up space on your own or Blogger's servers. One of the things I really like about it is that it allows me to post a fairly large file which, when someone clicks on the photo, is visible in different sizes. That means that if I want feedback on a spinning attempt, someone can actually get a really close look at what I've done. I can't remember if the free subscription allows that different size display (I think it does), but it's handy.

All that to say that Flickr may be another alternative for you and would still save space anywhere you blogged.

And before I forget . . . Was the yarn a single of alpaca plied with a single of silk, or was it an alpaca-silk blend?

Julie said...

I have the freebie Flickr account but the space is already filled up and as I already pay for Typepad I'm not really keen to pay for Flickr as well since I have loads of space for photos on Typepad. If there's a way to have the post here reference a photo I've posted on Typepad then that's probably the way to go. Thanks for the tip!

The yarn was made from singles spun from blended alpaca and silk.

Fiberjoy said...

Good question Julie! Another reason I'm thinking we should migrate this blog to another bloghost - I can't find any stats in Blogger. Stuff like how much space we're allotted pictures and how much space is taken.

Em said...

There is some info online for spinning silk hankies/caps. I think even Spin-Off's site has a .pdf on the subject. A freind of mine was spinning silk a while back, and it looked like a lot of fun. Good luck!

Artis-Anne said...

Love the alpaca/silk yarn . Good question re posting piccies. I hadn't realized that Blogger had a limit re piccies, oops !!

cyndy said...

That Alpaca/silk looks sooo soft, and would make a great scarf!

Hankies are fun, fun, fun! Make a hole in the middle, stretch the hankie from the middle outwards until you have a big circle...break the circle. You will then have your "roving" which you can pre-draft further if you choose...spin away!