Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Out of the corner

When I ran across this blog via Margene I felt it was exactly the sort of nudge I needed to give me the impetus to get my poor neglected wheel back out and give it a spin. I bought it in the summer 2 years ago and it seems like summertime is now spinning time to me. Somehow in the Christmas rush it falls by the wayside and before you know it sheep and wool season is upon us. Last fall I bought some gorgeous alpaca/silk blend from the Sheep Shed at Rhinebeck with plans to spin and knit it for Christmas but it never did get past the first bobbin full. This past weekend I squeezed in a bit of spinning between the painting and the garden cleanup and yesterday afternoon I managed to finish a second bobbinful. I hope to get some plying squeezed in this weekend at some point between the CT S&W and anniversary celebrations.


Fiberjoy said...

Do you have plans for that stunning yarn? Wow!

Julie said...

When I bought it I hoped to have enough to do hat, gloves and a scarf as well. It'll be quite interesting to ply this over the weekend and see what my yardage is since that'll represent half the fiber. At the moment I buy stuff and wait to see what sort of yarn I end up with before I really plan a project with it.

cyndy said...

Oh that is a nice blend!
Hope you will also tell us about the CT S&W!