Monday, April 23, 2007

Turkish Delight

A little while ago I won a spindle in Wanda's birthday draw, and it arrived a couple of days after I got back from holiday in Japan, which was pretty much a wool-free zone, silk, rayon, bamboo, but no wool. And as for knitting provoked much observation on the Shinkansen, partly because I was knitting socks and partly, I think, because the Japanese knit in the continental way with the yarn held in the left hand).
A N Y W A Y .
The weekend whirls has done it again. Before I would have felt guilty that I wasn't using it right away, but this time I set it aside and admired it, and stroked it's smooth curves (is there spindle pron?), and waited until the weekend.
Stupid blogger won't let me upload the image, but I have successfully spun a tiny mini-muffin. I've also realised that I use a spindle differently to Wanda suggests. I am right handed, but I hold the pencil roving in my right hand and spin the spindle with my left, and it's my left hand which slides up the fibre as it twists.
I'll try an image in another post.... grrrrr.

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Rhonna said...

Natalie, I love those colors! What is the roving?

natalie said...

It was sent with the spindle, it's from Teyani (I think) at Crown Mountain Farms.... Wanda will correct me if I'm wrong.
If you look at my website at
and scroll down a post or two, you can see it wrapped around the spindle.

judy said...

There is not a right way. if it works for you, there you are! I know what you mean about the fondle part.

Fiberjoy said...

When Ed tests the spindles to determine the spin and balance he uses either hand, but if he just spinning to play around with a spindle he hold & spins with his left. Whatever way works best for you. :-)

The roving is from Crown Mountain Farms, colourway: Azure, dyed by Teyani.

Em said...

you're not the only "fliped" spinner -- I'm also right handed, and also can't for the life of me make it work holding the fibre in my left! Oh well, I figure if it's working, stick with it. So far, so good!