Tuesday, April 17, 2007

some big muffin

The last of the cormo / alpaca blend has been spun and plyed. It is under the 4 oz. that I thought I had. I probably test spun, played with it on something else during the past year or so. I haven't weighed this big little yarn muffin. It looks to be the biggest of the four.

I've thought about the question "what is / which are my favorite spindle(s)?" It is really hard to say. I have favorites for the moment, for the project. Some are favorite to handle, to ply with, to look at. If I were to answer in the moment, I'd have to say the Osage Orange Jenkins pictured here and my Tsunami Golding. I've got blue silk on the Golding. It as an incredibly long spin time, a textured shaft that makes spinning with my feet a breeze, and it is big enough and heavy enough to hold quite a lot. My only complaint is that the brass ring corrodes. I haven't been able to polish it away, it returns time after time.


cyndy said...

I'd love to learn to spin with my feet! All they know how to do presently is treadle ;-)

Artis-Anne said...

I agree with Cyndy :) I too would love to spin with my 'treadle tootsies'
The more I see of these gorgeous spindles the more I want some !!

elizabeth said...

I can't even imagine spinning with my feet!