Monday, May 21, 2007

almost there

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With only 36 yards left to spin before I reach a total of the 625 yards needed for my project...I started knitting.
Surely, some of the other spinners in this group have the same ( bad) habit? Oh, I started out with good intentions...I told myself I would spin all 625 yards before I would cast on a single stitch. No matter what. Absolutely.

But suddenly, I needed to leave for my dentist appointment, and I needed a project to work on while I was waiting, and I caved.
But there is hope for me. I am getting better. At least this time, I know for sure that I have enough wool to complete the remaining 36 yards.
Stats:625 yards (minus the 36 still to go) of a blend of Black Finn sheep and Black Angora. (75% to 25%)
Prepared on the drum (Louet Jr)
Spun singles on the Great Wheel, Ashford ply.
wpi 8
I posted a few more photographs of the GW spindle and cops that I made with this blend over at the riverrim.


Rhonna said...

Cyndy, what is the light fiber in the yarn? I keep thinking that black and black should be, well, black. :-) Is it the Finn or the Angora adding the bit of light streaking?

Fiberjoy said...

Looking wonderful! That great wheel is very intriguing.

When I spun an ounce and knit it before spinning the next I found the entire project went much quicker and kept my focus. (Could have had something to do with a pressing deadline!) But wisdom whispers that a project requiring a great deal of yardage is best kept in check until assured there's enough.

cyndy said...

Rhonna- The light grey streaking in the yarn is the fiber from the black angora. It is from a rabbit of mine that (sadly) passed away this past winter. He was a handsome buck, and had a heart of gold, and beautiful warm fur. A black angora is completely black at birth. As the rabbit ages, the fur turns a silvery charcoal grey.
You can see some of them on this page...(one of them was the mother of my rabbit)

Rhonna said...

Cyndy, I don't know why I didn't think of that! I'm so accustomed to other animals going grey with age, I don't know why I didn't think about it with rabbits. I wonder if sheep do too? Thank you for sharing the photos. There must be a certain joy in being able to combine memory with a project like this.

cyndy said...

R- I'm not sure about sheep going grey...maybe it has something to do with the individual breeds...
I do know that there are some folks that have been trying to breed a dark black angora. Mostly, just their faces stay black as they age and the wool is harvested.
This project is special, bitter-sweet...