Monday, May 21, 2007

Silk Hankies

June's tutorial on spinning silk hankies inspired me to get out the little practice ones I bought and give it a go. It's pretty lumpybumpy but I did get much more even as I went along so I think I'll be ready to spin the one Teyani gifted me in the Yarn Aboard spinner's exchange. This hankie was .2 ounces and yielded about 30 yards of fingering/lace weight yarn. Most of the time is spent in drafting and then the spinning goes very quickly. I used the plying ball again with the new pot (Thanks Debbi!) but the pot was a bit snaggy so afterward I sanded it smooth around the edges of the hole. I'm debating possibly giving it a clear coat as well. I had trouble when the center pull cake got small in that the center kept wanting to come out. I wonder if I can put something in the center to help it keep it's structure longer.

I so enjoy reading what everyone's been spinning and it's definitely inspiring me to get out the wheel on a regular basis, just what I needed!

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Fiberjoy said...

I like the colors of that silk. Isn't silk fun to spin, once it's drafted. Did you have much problem with the harder edges of the hankie?

Because of the sticky nature of silk the middle of the center pull can become a tangled nightmare, I've found it helps to slip a rolled piece of paper (quill) through the center as I take it off the spindle.