Tuesday, May 1, 2007

the farmer in the dell

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Wow! Look at all the new members! Great to see the list grow...and fun to read so many new postings! Just stopping in to tell you all that I am still working away on the Farmers special. To date I have a total of 424 yards, weighing in at approx 10.5 oz. I figure by the time I finish, I will have close to a pound. As you can see there is not much color happening between the fingers, but it gives me lots of time to think about what I am going to do when I pull the dye pot out.
Do any of you other spinners get a case of cold feet when it comes to the dye pot? I sometimes wish I could leaving the dyeing to someone else with more experience.

cyndy from riverrim


Artis-Anne said...

As I said on your blog it is beautiful Cyndy. Have you decided what its going to be knitted up as or if you want a solid colour ? As I said I am still trying to find a sure way to get an even dye with at least 700gm of handspun !!!

Rhonna said...

The yarn looks great, Cyndy. What wheel is in this picture? Curious minds, you know. :-)

I totally understand about the dye job (I've only done 3 dyes: two immersions and one paint), but so far I haven't dyed anything I was really wedded to. I've been chalking up everything I've done thus far as learning experience (which gives me space to make mistakes), and I figured that if it came out of the pot totally ugly, I could always overdye it. :-) After all, black goes with everything. (grin)

cyndy said...

I have pretty much decided that I will dye the skeins different colors. I have at least 7 (colors) pkgs. of the Cushings Dyes. The plan is to use the dyed wool in some Colorwork or Fair Isle project...just which project is still the unknown. Guess I should select one before I dye the wool, huh?

I think by the sounds of it, that you have done more in the way of dye jobs than I have (but our approach to it as a learning experience is the same)! And so far, so good...haven't had to make black yarn yet (heh heh)...

That wheel in the picture is my Great Wheel....(which is currently spinning up a nice Finn/angora blend that will not go into the dye pot).

Em said...

The only dying I've done has been kool-aid on recydled sweater-wool, so there was no anxieties there! But the thought of dying my new handspns makes me terribly nervous! it hink that's why I've been buying brown/black rovings, so I won't have to cross that hurdle yet. Best of luck to you!

p.s. I'm so very jealous of your picturesque spinning space and wheel!

cyndy said...

Thanks Em!--Actually, the space is very small- and the wheel takes a commanding presence in the room!