Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Yet Another Newbie

Hello! I'm so glad to be a member of this blog and so excited. My name is Chihiro and I live in Yokohama, Japan. I've started spinning last September and only spindle spin. I'm still a novice and have a strong interest of anything new, such as spinning the fiber I've never used and all.

Here is the photo of my weekend spinning.

Holiday Spinning

The skein is Corriedale, on Niddy is BFL, and on spindle is merino. All are plied.

I usually spin on my lunch break on weekdays, and ply on weekends. I have two spinners at the office to spin together.

I'm now trying hard on three things : 1. Spin evenly twisted yarn. 2. Don't be afraide of fine yarn. 3. Try to spin bulky yarn.


natalie said...

I was in Japan just two weeks ago!
Lovely to see that we are spreading worldwide now.

Artis-Anne said...

What lovely yarns you have made and its great to know that there are so many of us from all over the World:)

Jo said...

Thrilled that we have members so far flung around the globe, all uniting and sharing ideas, what a great group!

Garyo said...

Natalie, I've read your blog last night. Wow, you've been to a lot of nice places! I bet you know more crafty shops than I do.

Artis-Anne (is it OK to call you this name?) and Jo, I'm really glad to be a member of this great group and come to know you all!

Rhonna said...

Chihiro, I was really caught by your tatting. It's something my grandmother did, and she gave me a lot of small samples of the different types of stitches before she died. Some of them she even sewed to a piece of paper and wrote the stitch name under them. I've tucked them away in a safe place until I can think of a good way to preserve them for her great-grandchildren. Tatted lace is so delicate, and so intricate, and I've wished I could do it, but my hands won't tolerate it. However, someone recently mentioned *needle* tatting as opposed to shuttle tatting. Which are you doing?

Garyo said...

Rhonna, thank you very much for your compliment on my tatting works. I wish there'd been someone like your grandmother around me when I started tatting. I had to teach myself and it took me more than a month to make a tiny ring. I shuttle tat and have never used needles.