Monday, May 7, 2007

I am still here !!

Things have been rather hectic lately and we have just come back from a really relaxing weekend away so in reality I can't claim this as this weekend's spin but I wanted to show you some yarn I spun and added beads on whilst spinning it.

If you want more details visit my blog as I have given a quick demo there . Sorry I am too tired to re-write it here after updating my blog today.
At the moment I am spinning some Cotswold fleece I was given by someone. It had a label saying it was from 1976 but after dying and hand carding it,it still spins and feels lovely .


Julie said...

Very nice intro to spinning with beads. When I'm a little further along and ready to be adventurous I'll have to give it a try!

cyndy said...

Thanks for the tutorial- you made some beautiful beaded yarn! Do you have plans of what you will make with it?

Fiberjoy said...

Spinning in the beads! WOW!