Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fiber Stash Enhancement

I don’t want to bore the knitters on my mostly knitting blog. But y’all understand about a little fiber acquisition. I didn’t go to MDSW this year, and didn’t need to, as the fiber has been coming directly to the house.

Can a more experienced spinner please tell me how to find the time to spin all this?

Thunderclouds Falkland roving
Black Bunny Fiber, hand-dyed Falkland roving, 8oz, Thundercloud colorway
Another image here.

Wanted to see what all the fuss is about with pencil roving.
Zorro Pencil Roving
Crown Mountain Farm, hand-dyed Corriedale pencil roving, 8oz, Zorro colorway. Deep violet, a hint of pink at the color separation, bitter chocolate brown, warm black.

Crown Mountain Farm, hand-dyed Corriedale pencil roving, 8oz, Inspiration colorway. Peony pink, pale yellow, olive green, and touches of daylily orange.

Green Olives Pencil Roving
Green Olives
Crown Mountain Farm, hand-dyed Corriedale pencil roving, 8oz, Green Olives colorway. Olive and grass greens with a touch of gold.

Cashgora roving
Oh. My.
Crown Mountain Farm, Cashgora top roving, 4oz. The softness is amazing, the sheen is wonderful.

Aster Superwash Roving
Crown Mountain Farm, Dicentra Designs hand-dyed superwash merino, 8oz, Aster colorway. Baby this colorway is BRIGHT purple, green, yellow.

I have found time to spin the first half of Anne’s BFL in the Pussy Willows colorway that is hoping to become a lightweight 2-ply for some fingerless mitts for the husband. I had about 3 ¾ oz remaining after experimenting with spinning and plying 2 or 3-ply.
BFL Willows
Waiting to become a 2-ply

And now that my extra bobbins have arrived, I set that aside and spun up the rest of the Kid Hollow BFL/mohair into a single that shows off all the slubs and nubs and bits of fiber blended in.
Kid Hollow BFL/mohair singles

Along with the little sister skein, I now have about 350 yds of 14wpi DK wt singles.
Kid Hollow skeins
So much softer in person than I can show you in a photo!

Oh, I also got a tensioned lazy kate which should help my plying efforts considerably.


Rhonna said...

Wooooot, Margaret! I'm proud of you--you're being SUCH a good . . . er . . . enabler. (grin) I *really* like that Kid Hollow blend at the bottom.

Julie said...

They are all beautiful but I especially love that Thundercloud. Nice stash enhancement!

Jo said...

Those pencil rovings will almost spin themselves, great selection!

Fiberjoy said...

You're all over the place with colors! The Thundercloud and cashgora are calling my name.

cyndy said...

The question is, with all those choices, which one do you spin first! They are lovely rovings!
That BFL in the Pussy Willow colorway looks beautiful!

Margaret said...

Cyndy, you've hit exactly on my problem right now! I understand much better now why spinners have so many wheels.

Artis-Anne said...

Wow what great buys and amazing colours. As yet I have never spun with pencil rovings but it seems like all the work is done for you . Some day I might just get hold of some to try , you have so much variety in the US :) In the meantime my white mountains of fleece is calling to be finished LOL

elizabeth said...

Lovely! And what great fiber acquisitions! I LOVE CMF's stuff, bought some when I was still spindle spinning and I really need to order some more now that I kinda know what I"m doing!