Friday, May 18, 2007

newbie here!

Hello all!

I am a newbie to both this blog and to spinning....I bought my first spindle in February and have been entranced ever since. This is a picture of my present main spinning project....koolaid-dyed BFL that I am spinning up as a two-ply for a shawl. There is my sweet little Bossie mini, too. After getting it I no longer consider my other spindle to be fully functional. I hope to finish the spinning this weekend so that I can start chipping away at the rest of my burgeoning fiber stash!

I look forward to learning from you all and enjoying the works of your hands....

(please note that this picture was taken today, not in 2005.....gotta figure that camera out. :-) )


Fiberjoy said...

You're off to a super start with your spindling skills! The Bossie mini is cute. How long does it hold a spin? How much are you able to spin with it?

My computer and the digital camera always have issues with each other about the real date. I've never sorted it out.

Donna B said...

I call my Bosworth Bossie. It seems to want to spin about 17-20 seconds, with a good thigh roll. I can't give you an idea of yardage, as I am using my arm for a niddy right now. Your Turkish spindles sound tempting, and beautiful too. I am definitely in the market for a heavier spindle, as I don't have one that can spin worth a lick.

Thanks for the encouragement. I definitely hoping to get better with practice!

Fiberjoy said...

I read such great reviews on the Bosworth spindles that I plan to buy one at the Black Sheep Gathering late June.

Donna, I decided a good thing about the short spin time this morning is less yarn length=faster wind on time. :-) I'm sure it all evens out in the long run.