Sunday, June 24, 2007

Demon Singles

Romney Singles

These beautiful singles were beastly to spin! The whole sordid history can be found here. I tried several different drop spindles, all within the 1.0 - 1.3 oz range, and none of them could make this dense, matted fiber pleasant to work with. But the task is now done, and I have 185 yards of fingering weight Romney to work with.

I'm definitely going to knit with them--after all the trouble I had in spinning these singles, I definitely need to use them in a project! But there aren't many practical uses for such a small quantity of yarn. Does anyone have a suggestion to offer? I had thought of the Airy Scarf (from Last Minute Knitted Gifts) but it would be nice to have some alternatives.

The photo doesn't really do justice to the yarn. It's very colorful--all kinds of greens, violet and lavender, a dash of pink and blue, all tempered with grey and black. It's a real shame that the fiber was so awful to work with--I might have thrown it away if I hadn't been so determined to make use of it.


Probably Jane said...

That yarn looks very pretty.

How about the rib and cable mitts from Interweave knits Spring 2006? They call for about 150m of fingering weight yarn. I've made this pattern a couple of times in different yarns (neither of them the recommended yarn and they have turned out fine I am planning another pair with the handspun I am plying.

Julie said...

You know what blogs need? The ability for readers to drop a gold star where deserved. ;) Gold star for perseverance Beth! They are beautiful skeins.

Beth S. said...

Hahahaha! Julie, you are too kind! :-)

I checked the rib and cable pattern and it actually wants DK wool, not fingering. But the suggestion gave me an idea... maybe the yarn could be used in a pair of Mrs. Beetons?

cyndy said...

Lovely looking skeins of yarn!
I think a back issue of Spin-Off talked about Romney being good for making a boiled wool vest...or perhaps a market bag....

The colors are great, it was worth it plod ahead!