Monday, June 25, 2007

Superwash progress

6 17 singles
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I'm slowly working on the blue/yellow/orange hand-dyed superwash and thought I'd test out posting from Flickr since I've recently upgraded to a pro account. This roving is intended for socks though I may be spinning a bit thin. I've been told superwash will bloom and the resultant yarn will be thicker than you might expect based on letting the single wrap back on itself so I'm going to finish the first half of the roving and ply before I decide if it's too thin. I can always use the first half for a shawl or something and then go thicker on the second half. I've got 8 ounces total and pictured on the bobbin is about an ounce.

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Michelle said...

it is very pretty! I am a big fan of oranges.
My superwash does usually bloom too...I do ply tightly to get a bit more of an acurate idea of it spun up.