Tuesday, June 26, 2007

plying your spindle spun yarn

I've been working on ways to make plying from a spindle an easier process. What I really would like, is a spindle with multiple shafts. One that I could simply slide the whorl from the shaft, place in my lazy kate, and begin another. If you want to see a beautiful example, check out the one that Peter Teal made. It is in the Spring Spin-Off. The problem is, they are unavailable. So, I kept playing with ideas. I tried winding the single from the spindle onto toilet paper rolls, and I tried smaller weaving bobbins. Both work. Both require the extra step of winding onto another holder. What I finally found is simplicity at its best. It is definitely the cheapest answer and works perfectly. I am fitting my spindles with a large drinking straw, sliced lengthwise. I wind my yarn onto the spindle over the straw. When it is full, I slide it off the spindle and onto my lazy kate. I'm storing them on old knitting needles until I'm ready to ply.


Julie said...


rose said...

I saw this awhile ago and really liked the idea; very similar.

judy said...

Hi Rose, I hadn't seen that, it is another great inexpensive way to go. I did try to slide the yarn off my spindle and onto a straw at one point. I found that the fine singles did not slide over the edge of the straw. It made a bit of a tangle. I probably needed to practice winding onto the spindle a bit more loosely. Here's the video link if anyone is interested.