Wednesday, July 11, 2007

100th Post Drawing

To celebrate the 100th posting, and over 5000 visitors to The Weekend Whirls since beginning in April, we will have a drawing.

Make that two drawings. :-)

In the mix for the two drawings:

You will have your choice of a 1.9 oz Carob spindle (pictured) or a 2.1 Purpleheart spindleWe have to do something with all that yarn we spin so Ed's offering a set of Bolivian Rosewood circs. Your choice of which size and length. We've had buyers describe these as the Royce Rolls of knitting needles!
The picture doesn't do justice to the sharp tips Ed puts on these babies.To have your name entered you need to be a Weekend Whirl member and to comment on this post by July 18th.

Answer these questions:
1. When did you begin spinning?
2. What is your favorite fiber to spin at this time?
3. Spindle or needles?

Drawings will be on July 19th.
Best of luck to all of you!

We are dealing with major internet connection issues and my online time is very limited right now. More than likely I will not be able respond directly to comments. ~ Wanda (Fiberjoy)


Donna B said...

What a lovely idea...

I started knitting like crazy when I learned three weeks before they were born that I was expecting twins. It was very soothing to me. Then I started exploring the net, and realized all the resources for spinners out there. It is something I always wanted to do, and so I went ahead and ordered a spindle. Spinning is if I were created to do this, and I guess I was!

I really love the wool-silk blend in progress now.


I will be back to read what everyone else writes...should be interesting!

Probably Jane said...

My goodness - they really are beautiful objects.

I first touched a spindle on a spinning and knitting weekend in March this year. I liked it so I booked myself on a day's spinning course at the end of April and was hooked from that moment. Two weeks later I had a wheel and have been in it's grip ever since.

My experience of fibres is very limited but I would say that I am enjoying merino best at the moment. Blue Faced Leicester comes a close second.

If I am lucky enough to win I would like a spindle please.

Thank you both for your generosity.


Manise said...

Wow! Awesome circs and spindle!

I'll take a set of circs since I already have a Jenkins Olivewood Turkish spindle. I know Anne (Knitspot) *loves* hers.

I began spinning on a Bosworth spindle last May '06 and then learned on a wheel at an alpaca spin-in Sept '06. I didn't start really spinning until after Rhinebeck in Nov of '06 and haven't looked back since. I've had 2 borrowed wheels- the first an Ashford Joy for 2 weeks and then an Ashford Traditional since late Nov '06 that I'm still spinning on until I get my Schacht Matchless DT next month.

I am currently spinning BFL batts, though I do love coarser fibers too like Black Welsh, Cotswold and Shetland. I have a large variety of fiber, but have been saving them until I get proficient with my new wheel.

Stephanie W said...

I began spinning on February 23 of this year.

My all time favorite fiber is Targhee from the Spinning Bunny. It's a dream!

I'm all for spindles. Have a wheel but it's easier to fit in spindle time.

cyndy said...

What fun! Love the idea of the drawing, and the prizes are beautiful...

My answers:

1. I first started to spin when I was a college student...but life took me down other paths...many years went by, but it all came back to me in 2000.

2. Presently, I am having fun learning to spin flax...

3. Be still my heart~ The Bolivian Rosewood cirs....

I will enjoy reading what the participants write! Thanks Ed & Wanda!

Julie said...

Madame Purl actually was responsible for corrupting me just a few years ago and my very first yarn was spun on her Ashford Joy at a local coffee house one Friday afternoon.

Currently my favorite fiber to spin is silk hankies.

And- circs, definitely the circs though I'd certainly be happy with a spindle as I've always wanted to try that type.

Heidi Kim said...

Hi Wanda.

What a wonderful idea to have a drawing :o)

I begin to spin when I got 4 angora rabbits, I started with drop spindles. This was for a year ago.

Favorite fiber at the moment, hmm. Think it must be mulberry silk, but I like all low mic fiber. BFL, aussie merino.

Since I am a spindle fan and never tried a turkish one, I must say the 1.9 oz Carob spindle ;o)

Morandia said...

yea... a contest!

1. I began spinning about 5 months ago on a drop spindle. Now I have a Rose wheel!

2. BFL all the way!!!

3. Spindle

Molly said...

1. I began spinning 2 years ago.

2. my favorite fiber to spin is a ooopworth/mohair blend from Hidden Valley Farms.

3. Needles

Michelle said...

Hi Wanda...whoo 100th exciting!

1. When did you begin spinning? I started spinning 2 years ago and have not given my wheel a rest since.
2. What is your favorite fiber to spin at this time? Superwash merino...It is my go to fiber!
3. Spindle or needles? In case I get lucky...needles..they look stunning

Madame Purl said...

Hi there - 100th post - Wow!!!

1. I started spinning nearly 3 years ago and have been going strong collecting about 80 pounds of wool in the basement, 3 wheels, 2 spindles, a carder, a picker and various other total necessities. (lol)

2. Oh... this is a hard one. I've been graviting towards BFL and Merino/Tencel combo lately....but Finn's been calling my name too.

3. If I'm the lucky one... a spindle please.

Guernseygal said...

what a lovely idea :-)

1. I first learned to spin about a year ago on a variety of hand made spindles, then I bought a few more off the Internet and in March I bought my first (and only, at the moment) wheel - a second hand Ashford Traveller.

2. I love trying all sorts of different fibres, but my favourite at the moment is Amy Boogies superwash Merino - it makes awesome sock yarn :-)

3. I would love the needles,I have been hankering over a pair of handcrafted one for a while :-)

Artis-Anne said...

Goodness me 100th post and what generosity !! but then knowing you Wanda ,I am not all surprised
I have been spinning since last September and at this time it has to be Bluefaced Leicester as it so soft and I have just spun over 1,000 yds of it :)
A spindle , a spindle ,I am still dreaming of a spindle tra la la

Beth S. said...

Awesome! :-)

1) I had my first spinning lesson in February 2006. Etherknitter Laurie showed me how to use the lovely Kundert spindle I'd received as a Christmas gift.

2) I'm all about the wool. I'm happiest spinning a nice medium wool--nothing too fine yet; I'm most comfortable working with stuff like Coopworth, BFL, etc.

3) The needles, I think. I hear such good things about them!

Rhonna said...

Wow, Wanda! What a cool gift. :-)

I'm really enjoying the fact that there are so many NEW knitters here. I was honestly feeling like I was the only greenhorn on the planet, and it helps to know there are others in that boat with me. :-)

I first started spinning on a spindle over the Christmas break and was pretty immediately hooked; the Rose showed up less than three months later.

Since the impetus which actually started me spinning was that I wanted to get my hands on yarns I couldn't find here (notably the softer and finer yarns), and I didn't want to pay a fortune for purchasing that yarn overseas and importing it, I lean toward the soft and fine fibers. So far, I've fallen in love with a 70-30 merino-tencel blend but think I'd like a 50-50 even better. BFL and fine alpaca are running a close second for different jobs. But I've just gotten my hands on some soy silk, bamboo, and tencel, as well as a 50-50 merino-kid and 50-50 merino-silk blend so I won't swear that ranking will stand for long. I'm dying to create a 50-50 BFL-tencel blend and an alpaca-silk/alpaca-tencel blend. Heh . . . I guess you'd better say that so far I'm loving almost everything. Does this make me a true addict? (grin)

If I were the oh-so-lucky winner, I'd opt for the needles, but I won't be heartbroken if I don't win since I've decided I want a pair anyway. :-)

plumbum said...

Continuing in getting-to-know-you vein - and very bouncy at the idea of happening along just as something so exciting is happening:

1. When did you begin spinning?

March 2007. A friend began teaching another friend to spin and asked me if I would like to join them on Wednesday mornings. I went along, tried her wheel, and then went home to scour eBay. I bought a fifty quid bargain Haldane and promptly found out that it's not quite the same as using a Joy... since when, I have been struggling a great deal. I'd like proper tuition, but that isn't going to happen - so I'll keep muddling along with the support of friends. There are 7 of us now: 2 have been lifelong spinners, one is a lapsed spinner (for 25 years lapse!), 3 of us are newbies, and the seventh? Well, one week she's going to actually turn up with her wheel.

2. What is your favorite fiber to spin at this time?

I've only spun with a raw Jacob fleece until this week. I tried it both carded and uncarded. The carded won. I'm now trying a raw Shetland/Manx/Corriedale fleece - uncarded because of the gorgeous tips on it. So far? The crossed fleece wins.

3. Spindle or needles?

Too difficult. Both are gorgeous. Should I be the lucky one, I'd like to be surprised. I'm a recently-restored knitter in need of re-stocking, but also keen to learn to use a drop spindle. I'd be ecstatic with either.

Carol said...

I began spinning about a year and a half ago. Started on a spindle, but within a month I had my first wheel, an Ashford Joy. Now I have a Majacraft Rose which I adore

My fave fiber is merino hands down, followed by silk.

Needles please! What a work of art they are!

Thanks so much for the contest.

Carol (stitchinaddiction)

anna said...

Oooh, fantastic contest!!!

1. When did you begin spinning?
>>> I just started spinning about a month ago. I learned how to spin on a Majacraft Rose, purchased a Fricke wheel and had a terrible time with it, but now I'm very happy with my Ashford Joy.

2. What is your favorite fiber to spin at this time?
>>> Right now, I'm in LOVE with the domestic wool roving from Poppy Flower Fibers that I'm spinning up this very moment!

3. Spindle or needles?
>>> Needles, pretty please! :-D

Thanks for this great contest!

anna AT annasyarnmansion DOT com

Susie said...

1. When did you begin spinning?

June 22, 2005. I blogged about it the very next day. From that inauspicious beginning has come the most wonderful and zen-like thing I can do and actually produce something...great spinning joy!

2. What is your favorite fiber to spin at this time?

A tough question. I've got Superwash BFL on the wheel right now for the Tour de Fleece and I'm likin' it okay (I guess I'd better, as I've got some 30+ ounces of it to spin) but looking at recent spins I'd have to say that Targhee is probably my mostest favorite of the moment. Of course, the 8 ounces of Gotland that I'm spinning is right up there too, for the sheer delight and ease of spinning a longwool at laceweight grist. Hmmm. Tough question.

3. Spindle or needles?

There's no such thing as too many spindles, right? Not that I have *that* many, but, well...

Congrats on cruising along with the posts. Before you know it you'll be contesting for your 500th!

Jo said...

1. I have now been spinning a whole year, and alot of spinning has been happening here in the last year, on my Ashford trad, ashford Joy and my Jenkins turkish and baby Bosworth too.

2. I love merino and silk, and am looking forward to trying some of my new merino silk mixes!

3...spindle please

Lilleduck said...

1. I started spinning on spindles 15. may this year and I'm going on a weekend cource to learn to spin on a wheel.
2. I don't have much experience yet but i like the BFL fibre a lot.
3. Spindle

Margaret said...

Wanda, what a great idea and we can all get to know a bit more about each other. 'Cause, who doesn't like a contest?

1.I learned to spin in March of this year on a drop spindle, and soon moved to a wheel.

2. My favorite fiber of the moment is either BFL, or Corriedale, or Falkland, or oh, is that more than one?

3. Needles, yep because knitspot anne loves them, and I love to knit lace.

Lyn said...

I'm proud to say that I've been spinning for well over 30 years, and am still thoroughly enjoying myself, especially with the variety of blends available now.

Although when I started spinning, raw fleeces was what was used, my favourites now are the blends, like merino and silk. Mind you, I still can't go past a lovely alpaca fleece.

I'll put my name down for the needles as they look amazing.


natalie said...

Great contest!
I started spinning about 20 months ago on a drop spindle, and stayed with a spindle for about 6 months. Played with a borrowed ashford trad as it marched around my living room with me pursuing it, and thought I'd never "get it". Kept going back to the spindle in disgust. Then one day it just clicked. Got a Kiwi, inexpensive wheel but perfectly useable. And then almost stopped for about 9 months because I was spending every spare minute dyeing.
Thanks to all of you I'm now back on track!
Needles please. I have a spindle from Ed and Wanda and I love it to bits.