Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spinning around Scotland

Well after one of the best holiday's we have ever had touring around Scotland, we are home over a week now and its back to reality . Oh how I love Scotland and the Isles , every time we go its different. We spent most of the time on Skye and Mull this time and the weather was good with only one morning of rain; unbelievable as the rest of the country were having floods.. My wheel came along and I knitted socks whilst we were travelling and spun in the evenings. I had dyed some BFL roving's I bought when I first had my wheel to take along with me rather than fleece.

I am in a purpley phase at the moment , maybe its my age !! Do you know that poem about when you get old? LOL No I think in reality its all the purple heather on the hills at the moment that has inspired me with this colour. Do others of you choose colours that are around you at different times of the year ?

I ended up with over 1,000 yds of DK weight and it is destined to become a more heavy weight stole . I have to say that its not as even as I would wish. I was distracted a few times as I spun outside the van in the evenings either by the scenery or folks who were fascinated by seeing someone spin.There was heather on the hills in Scotland also so this is now my souvenir yarn which will bring back sweet memories of our time there.


plumbum said...

Oh, that is a gorgeous colour! I miss the hills and the heather - we have none of either on my little island.

cyndy said...

Oh! That does look yummy! Purple goodness! What a great souvenir, I see the heather in the yarn ;-)

Fiberjoy said...

Lovely memory yarn. What do you plan to make with it?

I'm in a purple stage too, though I refuse to think it has anything to do with my age. :-)

Isn't it crazy how distractions can effect the outcome. I particularly notice it with the wheel so I'm hoping that with more practice my hands will keep better track of the thickness even when my mind is elsewhere.