Saturday, July 14, 2007


Today I added some sable roving to the bright roving in the earlier post, and got this.
The sable, which I saw as a soft grey/brown, has acquired an almost olive green cast when mixed up with all the pink and orange in the original roving. I'm really pleased with how it has turned out. There are 54g here and I think it's about 110 metres, so that's about right for the project I have in mind.


Peggy said...

Natalie, I absolutely love those colors!!!! It is beautiful yarn.

Probably Jane said...

Now that's a really classy yarn.

angie Cox said...

Good luck with all moves to wordpress. Blogger drove me nuts too !

plumbum said...

Natalie, that is so beautiful!

I cannot wait to get into colour - but that won't be until post-Christmas and only *if* I get lucky on the Chrimbo cheque front.

I'm going to be paying for Constance for a long time to come *sigh*

We have a cottage industry here on our island, Orkney Angora. William, the guy who does the dyeing has volunteered to come and do a demo for our spinning group. That will be fun. I wonder if he'll donate us any dyes when he goes back to his dyeing shed? Actually, that's greedy. He already gave us some angora fibre to play with. He's a very generous man. I'm a bad girl.