Saturday, July 14, 2007


Having put my new wheel together, I promptly took it apart again (Noooo dis-a-sem-ble!)

It has had two coats of Danish oil and after that has dried, I am going to wax it. So no spinning until tomorrow, at least.

The wheel now has a name: Constance. She was almost Patience, and briefly was Prudence, but she's staying Constance now.

I'm hoping for a series, one day. In fact, the mythical "one day" Schacht Matchless is already christened "Hope" ! I am much aggrieved that to buy one here costs £750 - on the far side of the pond, it's a "mere" $850. A huge difference - and almost possible to believe that it could be achieved :-)

For the full tale, see my Demiurge blog.


natalie said...

Aaaah but look what Johnny Five got up to when he reassembled himself... a robot with ATTITUDE. Maybe Constance will surprise you!

plumbum said...

Oh, good grief, Hebbie has enough attitude for a dozen wheels. I was hoping for something more placid this time around

Fiberjoy said...

Constance is a perfect name for a companionable spinning wheel! I wish I'd thought of that name. Oh, that's right, I don't own a wheel. LOL Someday, if I ever get my own wheel (dreaming hard) she just might bear that name.