Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Newbie from the UK

My name is Claire and I am a fibreholic. I spin, knit, dye, sew and have just bought my first loom to try weaving. I also do patchwork and quilting - but that's another story (and mountain of stash)

I am a drop spindler as I cant seem to get the necessary co-ordination to use a wheel - but I live in hope. I am currently spinning some pencil rovings from Natalie and, as you can see from the photo, the colours are beautiful.

My day job is as a spindle and swift maker and I am also apprentice Organ Builder for my DH.
My blog is: www.spin-a-yarn.blogspot.com if you would like to have a look at me and my world .
I am very much a beginner spinner, but learning fast. At the moment I am trying to find out how to spin with a drop spindle with no notch or hook as I have been told by a medieval expert that a notch or hook weakens the shaft and is not 'traditional'. So far I cant make my half-hitch to stay put and not slip off - any ideas welcome!!!


natalie said...

Hi Claire.
I can't think of how to manage without a notch. Perhaps Ed might have some idea. The only thing I can think of is to put an elastic band around the shaft of the spindle and allow the half hitch to rest on that, but it's hardly medieval, is it?

Peggy said...

Your spinning looks great!!!! And I love you garden on your blog.

Manise said...

I know how to do a double hitch to fix your problem. When you start off, spin a bit (12- 15 inches or so ) to make a leader. Instead of taking the leader and tying it down under the whorl, hook it and then wind on under the whorl- yes the yarn will go over and then under the whorl. Now simply take the end and place under the hook and spin as you normally would. You will norice that the hitches make a wedge shape on the whorl. You will always have the one hitch attached to the hook. I had a vendor show me this when I bought my Harvey spindle at Cummington this year. Hope this helps and you are able to visualize what I've said.