Monday, July 16, 2007

Newest Member - here!

Hi you guys! I was so excited to find this website! I am just an average spinner, and mostly love my wheels the most. I have a Jensen Tina II that I absolutely love, love, love and a Majacraft Rose that I have been using mostly for plying lately. I am currently in a Exotic Fiber Club sponsored by Anne at Wooly Wonka Fibers, and the latest batch is white, white cormo. It's fun, but I have almost decided that I don't like Cormo - too many neps! I tend to like nice smooth yarns.

My most recent (prior to WWF cormo) is Romney from Skylines Fibers - I just can't say enough about Melissa's rovings!!!! I am currently spinning to make a Fairisle by Ron Schweitzer - I have just completed skein #3 with 432 yards in my darkest color:

Here are my prior two skeins which brings my total yardage to 1,080 yards with 15wpi approximately.

By the way, hi ya Peggy! I see you are here too! We need to get some of those knitting needles I think!!!


Fiberjoy said...

Hi June! Those should make a lovely FairIsle sweater. How many more yards will you need to spin? Colors?

Rhonna said...

Hi, June, and welcome aboard! And hmmm. I'm wondering if the problem with the Cormo was that particular Cormo? I've spun it before, and the batch I had from a different vendor was truly well prepared and had almost no neps at all.

natalie said...

1080 yards... that's awesome. The most I've done is about 500 so I have a bit of catching up to do.

Peggy said...

As soon as a read a Jensen Tina II and a Marjacraft Rose I knew it had to be you. Yep, it was. You like smooth yarns? That's an understatement!!! And as usual your spinning looks unbelievably awesome. Do yah know where we can find some of "those" needles?